BlueCare: The Doctor Will See You - Anywhere, Anytime!

May 23, 2017

Blue Cross customers can click when they’re sick for 24/7 online visits

BATON ROUGE – Imagine being able to get in to see the doctor any time of the day or night, without having to take time away from work or school – or even leave your home. Imagine no more; Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana has made this a reality with BlueCare, a new service that lets customers have online doctor visits.

“Our mission is to improve the health and lives of Louisianians, and that includes making it as easy as possible for them to get care when they need it,” said Paul Murphree, M.D., Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana interim chief medical officer. “With BlueCare, our customers have 24/7access to doctor visits. This is an easier, cheaper way to get care for routine needs than going to an ER or urgent care.”

BlueCare is a benefit for most customers, who can have online doctor visits with a computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet or any device with internet and a camera. BlueCare will cost customers $39 per visit. Depending on their plan type and benefits, Blue Cross may mail them a refund once the claim for their BlueCare visit has processed. But, customers will never pay more than $39 total for using BlueCare.

To sign up for BlueCare, customers can go to or download the BlueCare (one word) app from Apple Store or Google Play for iOS and Android devices. They will need to create a log-in ID and password, which they will use for any BlueCare visits. 


Once on BlueCare, customers will enter basic information about their symptoms and why they need to see a doctor. Customers will see which doctors are available for online visits and choose the one they want to see.  BlueCare meets state and federal healthcare services and privacy laws, and it is as legitimate as an in-person visit. Customers can choose to share the record from their BlueCare visits with their regular doctors.

Online visits are effective for treating non-emergency, minor illnesses like colds, allergies, bladder infections, sinus trouble, mild stomach bugs or rashes. Doctors can send a prescription for most medications over BlueCare. Customers can also use BlueCare to check in with a doctor if they need follow-up care. 

 “In our digital world, more of our customers have been asking us to offer online visits,” Murphree said. “We realize that today, our customers bank, shop and handle most other business online. BlueCare is a safe, easy way for them to handle their healthcare needs online as well.”  

To learn more about BlueCare, visit

BlueCare is powered by American Well, a telemedicine company.

About Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana
Founded in New Orleans in 1934, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is a private, fully taxed mutual company, owned by policyholders—not shareholders. It is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association  and is governed by a Louisiana Board of Directors.

The company and its subsidiaries provide group and individual health insurance plans, life and disability insurance, group voluntary products and administrative services to Louisiana residents. With headquarters in Baton Rouge and eight district offices around the state, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is committed to improving the lives of its customers by providing them with health guidance and affordable access to quality care.

Learn more on the company’s website at or visit its social media hub to connect via Facebook, Twitter and more.

About American Well

American Well is a telehealth services company that brings healthcare into the homes and workplaces of patients. The company’s mobile, web and kiosk telehealth platform connects patients and clinicians for live visits via video.

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