Two Years Rollin’: Blue Bikes Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary

Dec. 17, 2019

NEW ORLEANS – (Dec. 17, 2019) – Blue Bikes is celebrating two years of rolling around the Big Easy by revealing data on how strongly New Orleanians have adopted the successful bikeshare program and announcing details on the upgrades and expansion riders can expect in the New Year. 

Whether wheeling to work, heading out with friends or just having fun, locals and tourists alike have made the most of Blue Bikes. Since December 2017, more than 66,000 Blue Bikes riders have:

  • Taken 680,000 trips and ridden more than one million miles – enough to pedal to the moon and back more than four times!
  • Burned more than 46 million calories, enough to work off almost 96,000 po-boys.
  • Avoided more than one million pounds of carbon emissions by riding with Blue Bikes instead of driving personal vehicles. 
  • During Blue Bikes’ second year, trips taken increased by 66% and riders logged 47% more miles than in the first year.
  • Riders in Blue Bikes for All, the reduced fare program which is available to riders who have a Louisiana Purchase card and qualify for Supplemental Nutritional Assistance (SNAP) or state Medicaid programs, are among the most dedicated of all Blue Bike riders. Riders in this group had an 81% increase in miles ridden and a 109% increase in trips taken in year two compared to year one.
“While everyone rides for different reasons, the system mirrors our city, and bikes are located in a growing number of neighborhoods to meet different needs – from City Park to the CBD to the French Quarter to Central City,” said New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell. “In 2020, we look forward to bringing more, upgraded bikes, to deliver this new transportation option to more of our residents.”

With the rapid growth of Blue Bikes over the last two years, parent company JUMP is investing in an expanded service area and upgraded electric, pedal-assist bikes - which will give more New Orleanians access to Blue Bikes and help further expand transportation options.

The new JUMP Blue Bikes feature an e-assist that provides a boost (up to 20 mph) every time you pedal, which makes biking more accessible to a wider range of people with different abilities and ages while being used for longer distances.  JUMP has seen e-bikes generate more than twice as much usage as pedal-only bikeshare, and JUMP e-bike trips average 200-300 percent longer than traditional bikeshare trips. 

In 2020, Blue Bikes will expand its service area to give even more people access - including students at four universities, Xavier University, Dillard University, Loyola University, and Tulane University - while allowing current riders to leverage the pedal-assist in traveling to more parts of the city.  Blue Bikes will be expanding in these neighborhoods:

  • Uptown
  • Riverbend
  • Carrollton
  • Broadmoor 
  • Gert Town
  • Central City
  • West Bank
  • 7th Ward

“As one of the initial proponents for a bike share program during my first term in office, I am thrilled that Blue Bikes will be expanding its network to include more sections of the City.  I’m particularly excited that this will include portions of Algiers, increasing our connectivity with the Eastbank,” said Kristin Gisleson Palmer, New Orleans City Councilmember, District C.  Providing high quality mobility options for residents is a critical element of New Orleans’ progress, and today’s announcement puts us a step closer to achieving that goal.”

Riders will also benefit from a new, improved JUMP mobile app and the ability to rent bikes directly through the Uber app, since Blue Bikes and JUMP joined the Uber family last year.  With more modes of transportation in one place at your fingertips, it becomes even easier to get around without a car.  Riders with an existing Uber account can simply log into the new apps, or you can create a new account after downloading the JUMP or Uber apps.  With JUMP products now in nearly 30 cities globally, you will be able to get around just as easily when traveling to those cities as you can when at home in New Orleans - and tourists from cities like London, Berlin, San Francisco, and Austin will be able to seamlessly ride Blue Bikes when visiting New Orleans.  

“Over the last two years, we’ve introduced more and more people in the city to bikeshare, and I am thrilled that all of our dedicated riders will soon experience the benefits of e-bikes - getting across town faster without breaking a sweat,” said Geoff Coats, Blue Bikes General Manager.  

A higher-quality bike with an electric battery that requires regular charging does have an increased cost so that New Orleanians will be able to travel further, faster. 

  • Blue Bikes is committed to supporting those most in need of affordable transportation, and prices in the Blue Bikes for All program for low-income riders will remain the same.  For $20 per year, riders in this program receive 60 minutes of ride time per day with $0.10/a minute after the initial hour. 
  • A monthly plan will be offered to New Orleans residents, with $30 a month allowing 60 minutes of ride time per day. 
  • For tourists and riders who prefer a pay-as-you-go option, the price will be $0.25 a minute without any type of sign-up fee.

New Orleanians can expect the transition to e-bikes and the new apps to come in late January, with the expansion to new service areas coming in the following months. 

About Blue Bikes
Blue Bikes is a fast, convenient and affordable transportation system for residents and visitors to move around New Orleans. The bike share program is a partnership among the City of New Orleans, JUMP Bikes and title sponsor Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana. Learn more at

About JUMP Bikes 
JUMP is a bikeshare startup that has operated Blue Bikes in New Orleans since the system launched two years ago.  JUMP also launched the first ever electric bikeshare system in the United States.  In May of last year, Uber acquired JUMP as part of its mission to expand the menu of transportation options available within the Uber app, and make it even easier for residents to get across town without relying on their own personal vehicle.  Learn more here.  

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