Robocall Scams: Information and Update

Dec. 5, 2019

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana has received reports that individuals are receiving robocalls across the country that falsely claim to be made by “Blue Cross and Blue Shield.” These calls may seek to market insurance products or collect personal information from call recipients. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is NOT making these calls. 

If you receive one of these recorded calls claiming to be from Blue Cross and Blue Shield, there are tips you should follow:

  • If you get a recorded call from a caller whom you did not authorize to call you, the call is likely fraudulent or malicious and you should hang up immediately.
  • Do not respond to prompts to “press 1 to speak to the operator or get your name taken off the list,” and do not provide any personal information. If you respond, you’ll probably get more calls.
  • Do not provide personal or financial information.
  • It is advisable to block the numbers of the robocalls you receive from calling your cell phone, although these callers may continue to call you from other numbers or use “spoofing” technology that makes the same calls appear to come from different numbers.

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