Blue Cross Shares Tips on Staying Active as You Age
Get more movement in your day at home or away

May 25, 2022

BATON ROUGE, La. – It’s hard to overstate the health benefits that come from staying active as you age. Getting regular exercise is important for good health, especially for adults 60 and older. Exercise helps keep your heart healthy, can lower your risk of long-term conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure and can improve your strength and balance to prevent falls.  

Whether you prefer to work out from the comfort of your home or enjoy staying fit with friends, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana has these tips to keep you moving and feeling your best.

Add extra steps to your daily activities, such as when you’re brushing your teeth, talking on the phone or making meals
Stretch or move while you watch TV to get your blood flowing (commercial breaks are perfect for this), or try out a yoga or tai chi class at your local fitness center
Take a walk around the block or on a treadmill to strengthen your leg muscles and improve your balance
Check your health plan’s benefits to see if they cover fitness center memberships, which might also include streaming classes you can do from home
Beat the heat with swimming, water aerobics or even water walking to get stronger without putting extra pressure on your joints

No matter where you decide to get moving, be sure to drink lots of water to avoid dehydration, which is more common in older adults because their sense of thirst declines

You’re never too old to get active, so talk to your health care provider about the steps you can take to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Ready to get started?

Learn more about how you can stay fit at home in this video (:50).

In this video (2:04), Blue Cross Associate Lead Medical Director Dr. Emily Vincent shares fitness tips specifically for older adults. 

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