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BlueSaver (2021)

BlueSaver is a qualified high-deductible plan. You can put money in a Health Savings Account (HSA)* that will help you pay your deductible and your share of covered medical expenses.

Preferred Care PPO





Here are some plan features and benefits:

No copayments.

Two-tier coinsurance structure for prescription drugs. Once your medical deductible is met, the amount of your coinsurance depends on the plan you buy.

No separate drug deductible; medical deductible applies.

We pay 100 percent of preventive care services in network.

For pediatric dental and vision, $0 for diagnostic and preventive dental and routine eye exams and hardware when received from a network doctor.

*HealthEquity, Inc. is an independent company that administers Health Savings Accounts to Blue Cross members enrolled in our high-deductible plans, including BlueSaver. Members who qualify may open a HSA with any HSA administrator and should seek guidance from a tax professional or financial advisor. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is not engaged in rendering tax, legal or investment advice.