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Quality Blue Programs

With our Quality Blue programs, Blue Cross works with doctors, hospitals and clinics around Louisiana to make sure you have an easier, better healthcare experience.

Cross icon that opens and closes an accordion of text Quality Blue Primary Care

Through this program, we work with your primary care doctor to make it easier for you to get the care you need. 

This program has benefits like health coaching and care coordination.

And, if your plan has copayments for primary care office visits, when you go to Quality Blue Primary Care doctors, you may only have to pay a reduced copay.

Learn More About QBPC


Cross icon that opens and closes an accordion of text Patient Reviews

You can tell us what you thought of a doctor visit you had by giving a patient review. You can also see the reviews other members have given by clicking the “Read Reviews” tab next to a doctor’s listing in the directory.

How can I submit a patient review?

  1. If you have an online account, go to the Claims page. If you don't have an account, create one.
  2. Go to the claims details for the doctor visit or service you want to review.
  3. Click "Write a Review" (available for the completed claims only).
  4. Submit your review when you have filled out all the information

We will hold your review for 24 hours so we can make sure your information is valid. After that, your review will displayed on the Blue Cross Find a Doctor/Hospital directory.

Cross icon that opens and closes an accordion of text Blue Distinction Centers

Blue Distinction is a national program that recognizes hospitals for their expertise in performing certain types of surgeries or specialty care. The national Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association offers this program, and the local Blue Cross plan gives the designations to hospitals and medical facilities if they demonstrate they are delivering high-quality, efficient, value-based, patient-centered care. 

There are two categories:

  1. Blue Distinction® Centers – this recognizes hospitals for their expertise in delivering quality specialty care.
  2. Blue Distinction® Centers+ -- this recognizes hospitals that are meeting the Blue Distinction quality criteria and are keeping costs under control.  

The standards for Blue Distinction recognition are on the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association’s webpage.

Hospitals/medical facilities can earn Blue Distinction recognition for these types of surgeries and specialty care:

  • Bariatric Surgery(Gastric Banding and Gastric Stapling)

  • Cardiac Care

  • Complex and Rare Cancers

  • Knee and Hip Replacement

  • Spine Surgery

  • Transplant

  • Maternity Care

In Louisiana, there are many hospitals that have earned Blue Distinction recognition, including many of the major health systems in the state. See the list of Louisiana’s Blue Distinction centers.

How do I know if a hospital has Blue Distinction recognition?
When you are looking for a hospital in our Find a Doctor/Hospital directory, the ones that are Blue Distinction Centers or Blue Distinction Centers+ have the program logos next to their names.

When a hospital gets Blue Distinction recognition, Blue Cross  gives the hospital materials to do banners or posters that say the hospital is a Blue Distinction Center. You may see this in a hospital’s ads or commercials, too.

You can ask your doctor for help finding a Blue Distinction Center if you are not sure whether a hospital is one.

List of Blue Distinction Centers in Louisiana

Cross icon that opens and closes an accordion of text Hospital Quality Program

The Hospital Quality Program (HQP) rewards hospitals that take extra steps to improve patient safety and quality. The hospitals can earn incentives for these efforts.

This program is for acute general hospitals with 60 beds or more.

There are four main categories:

  • Safety

  • Effectiveness

  • Patient Experience

  • Outcomes

Blue Cross uses national measures for this program, and rates hospitals on data from publicly available sources or Blue Cross claims.

Hospitals earn incentives by either improving their current performance significantly or by achieving high performance.