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Preventive Care Services

Preventive Benefits

We want to help you stay healthy. That starts with preventing disease — and if a health issue does come up, catching it early. Preventive screenings are an important way to track your health.

How to Prevent Health Problems and Save Money

  • Get Preventive Care
    If you use a provider in your network, you can get certain routine preventive services at no extra cost to you. This means you do not have to pay a deductible, copayment or coinsurance.*

  • See a Primary Care Doctor Regularly
    You can get one physical exam per year at no extra cost with most plans.

Use These Tools for Good Health

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  • Blue365
    Get discounts for healthy living on sports clothing and shoes, diet programs, fitness trackers, hotels, Lasik eye surgery, help for senior care and more.

  • Tivity Health Fitness Your Way
    Get discounts on nationwide gym memberships through this Blue365 deal.

  • Free Personal Health Assessment
    Log in and take a free online health survey that shows any risks you may discuss with your doctor.
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With Quality Blue, Get Lower Copays

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If your plan has copayments for primary care office visits, you may be able to pay less when you visit a Quality Blue Primary Care doctor.

Just find your doctor’s name in our directory. Quality Blue primary care doctors have a blue "Q" next to their names.

For more information, check your plan’s benefits or visit this page to download the Preventive Care Services brochure.

*As part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, health insurers must cover some
preventive and wellness care for health plan members with non-grandfathered insurance
plans. Non-grandfathered plans are plans that began after the Patient Protection and
Affordable Care Act was passed in March 2010.

To help you proactively maintain your health, the preventive services included in this
brochure are available to you at no out-of-pocket costs (paid at first dollar) when performed
by a network provider.