Blue Bikes Riders Hit Half-a-Million Trips Milestone

May 13, 2019

NEW ORLEANS – Blue Bikes riders have pedaled to parades, wheeled to work and embraced a new way to experience New Orleans – half a million times.

Blue Bikes, which launched in December 2017, just reached the 500,000 trips taken mark. Riders have traveled nearly 1 million miles and burned more than 38 million calories – enough to pedal off more than 61,000 fried shrimp po-boys.

May is Health and Fitness Month, which is a great time to try Blue Bikes! Not only is biking a heart-healthy, low-impact exercise, Blue Bikes is a green, affordable way to get around the city, without the hassles of fighting traffic and finding parking. 

Some advantages of Blue Bikes are:

Low cost -- You can ride Blue Bikes for only 10 cents a minute. Blue Bikes trips are cheaper than cabs and most ride-share services, and bike hubs are located throughout New Orleans.

Lock Where You Stop – Ride to where the action is, then lock your Blue Bike at your destination. Blue Bikes can be picked up from and brought back to any hub, or you have the option to lock the bike to a public bike rack or to any fixed structure on public property (like a sign post or utility pole). Riders should always lock Blue Bikes within the system area to avoid additional fees. Find an updated map of the system area at or the Social Bicycles app.

Be courteous and make sure that when you lock your bike, you’re not blocking the sidewalk so that pedestrians and people using wheelchairs or pushing baby strollers can still get through. And, don’t lock a Blue Bike to private or historical property, like fences and balcony posts. 

Earn Account Credits — Unlock any out-of-hub bike and ride it back to a Blue Bikes hub, and you’ll get a $1 credit to your account. When getting ready to ride, use the Social Bicycles app to locate out-of-hub bikes nearby.

Reserve Early – You can put a Blue Bike on hold up to 20 minutes in advance, using the Social Bicycles app for Android or Apple devices.

Rent For A Group – If you have an existing monthly, university or pay-as-you-go Blue Bikes membership, you can rent up to six bikes at a time on your account. This is a great way to let your friends and family use Blue Bikes. Simply enter your account number and pin on the keypads of the Blue Bikes you want to ride. Keep in mind that the membership time only applies to the first bike checked out; the other bike rides will be charged at 10 cents per minute.

Sign up for Blue Bikes at or by downloading the Social Bicycles App from the Apple App Store or Google Play, and be ready to ride all summer long!

You will need to enter a valid credit card when creating a Blue Bikes account, which is where your ride time will be charged. There is a one-time $5 sign-up fee for new pay-as-you-go riders, which you must pay up front. After that, you will only be billed 10 cents per minute for your Blue Bikes trips. For a limited time, you can sign up for a new pay-as-you-go plan and use the promotional code NOLA2019 to get half off the sign-up fee. 

There are several membership options for riders who want to use Blue Bikes regularly:

  • A Monthly membership for $15 a month 
  • A University membership for $10 a month, open to students, faculty and staff of area colleges and universities
  • A Reduced Fare membership for $20 a year, available to anyone who already has a Louisiana Purchase card or who qualifies for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or the state Medicaid program

All Blue Bikes monthly or annual memberships give you an hour of ride time per day, which can be used in increments or all at once. Additional ride time is charged at 10 cents per minute. 

For riders who qualify for the Reduced Fare membership, Blue Bikes has added a Pay Near Me option to pay in cash at participating locations. At this time, those locations are 7 Elevens, Family Dollar stores and CVS pharmacies. Visit for more information on using Pay Near Me.

For more information on Blue Bikes memberships, to see the system map or to sign up, visit Riders can also follow Blue Bikes on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. to learn more about becoming a participating college/university.  

About Blue Bikes
Blue Bikes is a fast, convenient and affordable transportation system for residents and visitors to move around New Orleans. The bike share program is a partnership among the City of New Orleans, Social Bicycles and title sponsor Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana. Sign up to ride at

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